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Why do you include a pre-wedding photo-shoot?

Because it is important for us to know each other a little bit before the wedding day, this is an important day in your lives it will make you feel more at ease which will result in more natural photographs – also we get to know who has a good side/bad side, who blinks or who has a ‘camera face’

I have children; can they come to the pre-wedding photo-shoot?

Yes of course they can, we can make it a family shoot as it important for them to get to know us to, this especially helps with little ones who are less nervous when meeting us again on the wedding day

What are your payment terms?

A deposit of £250 secures the date, we will hold verbally agreed dates for 2 weeks without a deposit and will contact you ask if you still wish to book us if we have another couple requesting the same date and no deposit has been paid.

The remainder of the balance (-10% of the original total) is due 6 weeks before the wedding day.  

The final 10% is due on delivery of the album and other items in the package

How long until we see our photographs?

We will normally have your web-gallery ready for viewing 2 weeks after the wedding day, we try to get this ready for your return from honeymoon – I will send you a couple of sneak peeks to your mobile a day or two after the wedding. None of the guests will have access to your photographs before you, we won’t show any on our web-site or face-book page until after you have seen them

Do I have to have a wedding album?

No, we now have a Digital Wedding package that does not include an album, although we are strong believers in the printed image, and would love you to opt for our standard package that includes an album.

Digital technology is amazing and developing quickly, whilst we capture the images using digital cameras and store them electronically, we believe a printed professional album will become your family archive – who knows where digital images will be in even 5 years’ time (can you remember floppy discs and VHS video)

If we are getting an album when can we expect our album?

When you have made your selection of images for the album we need to design it, this will take a week or two, we then send an electronic proof version for you to see and check the layout, once you are happy and decide on the cover material etc., we will send it off to print, it then takes normally 3 – 6 weeks depending on how busy the printers are

Can I change remove things from the packages for a lower price?

We would rather you didn't as we have put together what we feel are comprehensive and good value packages covering the whole day.

However we can put together custom packages at a lower price for less coverage, when for example there is only a ceremony and small after party, we do this on an individual basis in discussion with you.

We will not enter into a bidding war against quotes from other photographers, we have set what we believe is a very fair price for what we offer, if you want to choose another photographer for a better price that is entirely your choice and we wish you well.

Can I add things to the package?

Yes, there are a range of add-ons available which you are free to choose, you will not be pressurised into purchasing anything above the standard package.

Extras can include:

Larger wedding album (there is a per page cost)

Parent albums (we normally sell these in sets of 3) and they are smaller copies of the main album

Canvas prints

Framed photographs

Evening photo studio (space permitting at your venue), we can bring along a backdrop, studio lights and props to take photographs of your evening guests, we don’t print on the night, but put these in a separate gallery and hand out the password at the wedding – guests are free to purchase prints direct from this gallery

What happens if you fall ill or have an accident?

I am a member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP) who are a large organisation of photographers who will help each other out in an emergency, I am also a member of a second shooter community on Facebook which exists for a similar reason and thirdly I am friends with some local wedding photographers who help each other out if there are any problems

Are you insured?

Yes we have both professional indemnity insurance, and public liability insurance, this is a must for any professional photographer and even if you do not choose us, please ask your chosen photographer if they have this and ask to see their certificate of insurance, hopefully you will never need it, but don't take the risk (we would also recommend wedding insurance for your wedding - a small extra fee, but so important for peace of mind - remember the Longhirst Hall closure in 2014)